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Company News

Faulty Card Readers - How To Combat Unexpected Breakdown Costs

Posted on 28 February 2017 by AF Web

AF International, specialist office and PC cleaning experts have a wealth of experience and success in the market, offering effective solutions for many cleaning and maintenance needs. The company has recently used its’ expertise to enhance product selection by launching a Specialist Cleaning range. This has been specifically designed to focus upon technical cleaning and maintenance, in particular the ATM and POS market.

Card reading equipment is increasingly used in many environments including retail, hospitality and car parking meters. With 9 out of 10 adults owning a debit card consumers are opting for the most convenient payment methods, which in turn increases the use of POS card readers. Regular maintenance is critical for card reader equipment to avoid inconvenient and costly breakdowns. 

Defined by the sharp gun metal livery, AF International have created a myriad of cleaning and maintenance possibilities for ATM and POS equipment. Two products for card reader equipment maintenance include Cardclene (CCP),a pack of 20 cards impregnated with IPA solution to remove build-up of dust in chip & pin terminals. Secondly, encoded Cardclene, (CCE)isa pack of 20 IPA impregnated cleaning cards; the encoding ensures that ATMs draw the cleaning card into the machine through the card slot.

ATM machine cash dispensing equipment can also be easily cleaned and maintained with Cardclene Cash (CCC).100 impregnated, individual note sized cleaning cards to ensure that note dispensing equipment remains operational reducing breakdown costs. 

AF International recognise that convenience is paramount in busy environments, and have developed two comprehensive kits to meet this requirement.  The handy kits have been designed to improve sustainability as well as clean surfaces and difficult to reach areas.

The Ultimate ATM/POS Kit (FULTATMKIT) contains a veritable wish-list of AF products designed for ATM, coin payment machines and POS cleaning maintenance, packed into in one sturdy carry case for convenience. Products include the essential card reader cleaning equipment plus a variety of surface and screen cleaning options to ensure that all areas are kept in good condition. The second kit in the new range is the ATM/POS Kit (FPOSKIT).A selection of essential, high performance ATM and POS cleaning products containing all essentials to regularly maintain ATM and POS equipment.

Julia Vorley – Marketing Manager commented, “POS and ATM equipment can often break down at the most inconvenient times. Our new kits contain a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning solutions to make maintenance easy, ultimately avoiding potential costs”.

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