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Company News

The Reality May Be Virtual, But The Cleaning is Real!

Posted on 09 November 2016 by AF Web

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To quote the words of Tim Reilly, “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done”. Agree or disagree, the relentless tide of technological advancements is visible for all to see but the associated demand for cleaning and maintenance products should not be underestimated. Consider the array of new technology gadgets that will find their way onto Christmas shopping lists this year - these actually represent additional cleaning opportunities. In recent years, touch screen technology in its many guises, has been a key player, but the gadget world has a brand new rival for 2016’s spending demands - The Virtual Reality Headset.

 In line with new gadget launches, AF International develop highly effective cleaning solutions ensuring that users have convenient and effective ways of cleaning and maintaining their tech gadgets and the new VR Headsets are no exception to this. Growing at a rapid rate, the number of virtual reality users is set to reach 171 million by 2018 and it is no surprise that the market is estimated to reach 12.1 billion (USD) within this time period. Effective and safe cleaning products are vital for maintaining the cleanliness of this brand new gadget (both the touch screen and headset surface).

 AF International, leading manufacturer of specialist cleaning products for the IT and Office Products Industry has developed the ideal cleaning solution for the VR market. AF ‘Tech’ Wipes (MTW) are supplied in a handy re-sealable pack of 25 wipes ideal for use on VR Headset outer surfaces and can also be used with the touch screen device/smart phone that forms the VR screen.  The wipes contain a universal cleaning solution and produce a smear free finish; dirt and grime cleaned away in one simple swipe.  

Paul Hardy, AF European Brand Director commented “AF International is a forward thinking brand embracing technological advancements and providing innovative cleaning solutions. The launch of VR Headsets represents yet more challenges for AF”.   

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