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Company News

What’s Next... Intelligent Headsets?

Posted on 19 October 2016 by the AF Team

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Love them or loathe them, headsets are very much an integral part of many working environments. These clever bits of kit are no longer confined to the traditional call centre environment and are now commonly used in our high street shops, supermarket and entertainment venues. The latest technological developments for headsets will soon be enabling the headset to actually know when it is being worn (via some very clever sensors), and so provide automatic updates regarding the user’s status. This feature will be particularly useful for the call centre scenario as users will no longer be required to physically log out of a system.

Another growing trend for headset development is the generation of active noise cancellation headsets and their ability to block out background noise and aid concentration levels in the working environment. Changing working practices such as increased home-working is also prompting the demand for high quality headsets multi-use headsets. Possibly the most exciting development of all however, is the birth of Intelligent headsets. Primarily designed for call centre environments, these headsets will be able to enhance a user’s knowledge by providing visual and aural support and pull information from The Internet of Things (IoT) for enhanced trouble-shooting capability.

AF International, leading manufacturer of specialist cleaning products for the IT and Office Products Industry has designed a cleaning product suitable for all headsets, even the Intelligent variety! Headset Clene (HSC) is a box of fifty impregnated cleaning wipes packed into individual sachets, specifically designed for daily use to quickly clean away dirt and grime from all headsets and desk-phones. The product contains a universal cleaning solution that will not damage delicate earpieces and audio equipment.       

Julia Vorley, Group Marketing Manager “We are a global brand and market leader in the field of computer cleaning products. The current trends and technological developments are fueling an increased demand for headsets and an effective cleaner is required. Our specialist cleaning solutions fit the bill perfectly.”

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