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Company News

AF Micro-fibre Clene – The Product of the Month

Posted on 27 August 2014 by the AF Team

AF Micro-fibre Clene Cloth for exceptional cleaning

Name and position at AF International?
Sian Millward – Financial Accountant

What do you do at AF International?
My main role within the company is to prepare the consolidated Management Accounts and inventory management. It’s a very vibrant and fast moving department and no day is ever the same.

What is your favourite AF International Product and why?
The AF Micro-fibre Clene is a great thing to have with you all the time and in your desk draw. It provides a quick and easy cleaning option for my screen and smartphone. I also use it on my sun glasses to get that perfect smear free shine.

What is an AF Micro-fibre Clene?
This is a large soft washable micro-fibre cloth that is safe to use on shiny surfaces. It cleans the smears and greasy finger marks off tablets and smartphones in seconds. Also great on glasses and a wonderful thing to have in the car for your GPS and windscreen.

How does the AF Large Micro-Fibre Cloth work?
This is an exceptionally soft cloth designed for cleaning without being abrasive or leaving any residue. Removes greasy marks and has the ability to absorb oils and hold in dust and grime. Its ideal for cleaning computer or laptop screens, tablet and plasma technology, smartphones, TV, glass, LCD, TFT screens and GPS systems and personal gaming devices. It can be used wet or dry to leave a sparkling finish. When it gets grubby it can be washed.

What do your customers say about AF Large Micro-fibre cloth?
"I tend to carry the AF cloth with me in my laptop bag, and then use it each time I get the laptop out of its case. It’s a quick and easy way of making sure my screen is clean, especially when in front of customers".

"I have the AF Micro-fibre cloth to hand in the office, and use it ever day more than once to clean my smartphone and my computer screen. It works brilliantly.".

Purchase AF Micro-fibre Clene Cloth or if you’re a distributor interested in stocking AF Large Micro-Fibre Cloth please get in touch.

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