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Company News

Cardclene – The Product of the Month:

Posted on 01 May 2014 by the AF Team

Cardclene – The Product of the Month:

Name and position at AF International?

David Ridley – Production Planning Assistant

What do you do at AF International?

My role is to co-ordinate the works orders generated by sales, and put them into a production plan.  The manufacturing facilities then use the plan to priorities production of the products.

What is your favourite AF International Product and why?

My favourite AF product is Cardclene.  I think all retail shops should use it to clean their chip and pin machines.  It’s so frustrating when you to pay, and the machine doesn’t work, and it’s amazing how most check out people say “take your card out and give it a rub”, when we all know it’s a dirty reader in the machine.

What is an AF Cardclene?

This product has been around for quite some time.  It’s a cleaning card that is made of non-woven material, in the size of either a credit card or a bank note.  Developed to clean chip and pin machines, parking metres, door locks that use cards, like in hotels and ATM machines.  They are available plain, but also encoded so that ATMS are able to read them.  They are generally in individual sachets, as the card is impregnated with alcohol.

How does the AF Cardclene work?

The cards are developed to mimic a credit card or cash.  They were developed for the cleaning and maintenance of card or cash reading equipment.  They are generally used in ATM machines, card reading machines, chip and pin terminals, parking machines and hotel door systems.  They are simply used in the same way as a credit card, moved in and out to clean the internal reader within a machine.  The thickness and size has be correct, in order for it to work.  And in a ATM the machine has to read the card as a debit / credit card in order to be taken into the machine, around the rollers and spat back out.

What do your customers say about AF Cardclene?

“This product saves me and my colleague’s time; by using regularly we know the chip and pin machines in our store will work.”
“Although this product could be seen as expensive, the amount of time saved they have to be worth it, time is money afterall.”

Purchase AF Cardclene or if you’re a distributor interested in stocking AF Cardclene please get in touch

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