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The latest dirt on tech cleaning

Posted on 09 May 2014 by the AF Team

Computer and office equipment cleaning experts, AF International, have unveiled fascinating results from a new poll that explores how the British public use and clean technology at work. The survey polled 1000 adults across Britain who regularly use technology in the workplace, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. To find out about workplace cleaning practices, AF’s poll asked a number of questions about eating habits, how often people handled IT equipment and devices, and what cleaning procedures were available in the workplace from their employers.

The results are alarming, with only 35% of employers providing adequate cleaning solutions for staff to keep equipment clean and hygienic. This is particularly necessary not only to maintain a clean environment but also to avoid the spread of germs and illness amongst employees, which escalate during the winter months. This particular result is amplified when the survey revealed that only 45.2% of workers take a lunch break out of the office and away from their desks. The remaining 54.8% of workers frequently eat at work, picking up phones, touching screens and tapping on keyboards. Electronic equipment magnetically draws dirt and grime to surfaces and centrally heated workspaces facilitate a warm environment for germs to thrive, multiply and spread.


The sandwich came out on top of the poll with 60.4% selecting it as their favorite food to eat at lunchtime, but a startling 31.8% of the poll also eat breakfast at their desks occasionally, with 18.7% eating breakfast at their desks every day.

Despite the lack of proper cleaning of technical items, the poll found that 47% of men compared to 33% of women cleaned Tech equipment themselves, with a further 42% of men and only 28% of women having their office equipment cleaned by 3rd party cleaners. Contract cleaners often use dusters and wax-based polishes, which actually seal in the germs, so even though the workplace make look and smell clean, the basic standard of hygiene will still be an issue, resulting in millions of bacteria breeding on computers, mobile devices, phones and keyboards. The small proportion of employers offering cleaning solutions for staff were found to be providing 41% of the supplies as dusters and polish!

 The most popular method of cleaning a mobile phone revealed that 42.1% wipe the screen with a sleeve or other item of clothing and only 13% of the poll used a specialist cleaning cloth. The duster and polish are the primary choice by the poll for cleaning all tech equipment at work and at home.

Karen Harrison, Group Marketing Manager at AF International, said, “The poll has provided a fantastic insight into how the British public use and clean their office technology. Most of us use specially formulated cleaning products, such as anti-bacterial sprays, to maintain a hygienically clean environment at home and it’s our job to ensure people understand the benefits of AF International’s item specific cleaning products for a much cleaner and germ-free environment at work."

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