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Clean with a
Clean Conscience

Clean with a Clean conscience

The AF journey
so far...

AF International’s eco journey has to qualify as our best kept secret yet. In line with the majority of responsible manufacturers and indeed consumers, we are on a mission to help towards reducing the impact of climate change. You may not be aware of the eco-orientated work we have been implementing for many years, but we encourage you to read on to find out how we, as a business operate with eco in mind ensuring that you can use AF with a clear conscience and ‘clean green’.

AF International’s eco journey so far...
Zero Waste to landfill

Did you know?

We at AF Ltd are proud to have been acquired by Element Solutions Inc, a recipient of a Silver Medal from EcoVadis.

We are a zero waste to landfill accredited company and are a proud member of Valpak – active members of the Plastics Pact committed to reducing plastics.

We are ISO 14001 accredited proving that we do not just talk about our commitment to the environment but are also accredited.

Waste Hierarchy

We actively apply the waste hierarchy and are currently at stage 3 – recycling. Our aim is to move higher up the hierarchy of course, to the pinnacle – i.e. prevention. Our current activities include removing products from our range that include single-use plastics or replacing the plastic with a different packaging method.

Waste Hierarchy


All our plastic tubs and pump sprays are made of HDPE2 plastic; this means that they can be recycled up to 10 times!

Did you know? Our refill pouch wipes contain 70% less plastic when compared to the original tub plastic weight.

Our products and packaging
  • Did you know that 100% of our cloths can be washed and reused

    Did you know that 100% of our cloths can be washed and reused many times? Simply wash on an 30°C eco-friendly cycle to use again and again.

  • we saved over 40,000 dispensing pumps as customers

    In 2020 alone, we saved over 40,000 dispensing pumps as customers opted for the refills of our hand sanitisers.

  • Our cardboard box suppliers purchase from FSC certificated

    Our cardboard box suppliers purchase from FSC certificated (Forest Stewardship Council) suppliers.

  • The air pouches used in our boxes to protect product are part of the Geo-TechTM range. These pouches are made from 95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable.

Are you aware?

AF are actively working to reduce, and where possible, eliminate the plastic packaging used for our products. This forms just a small part of our pledge and long-term campaign to make a difference.

Our drive to change consumer behaviour aims to encourage a more sustainable future.


When empty, why not wash your tub or pump spray with water for further alternative use?



Simply pop a refill pack into your empty tub or top-up your pump spray from a bulk-size product.



Over 80% of AF cleaning wipes are made from fully recyclable paper.

  • Our wider environment

    Our wider environment

    We have been actively supporting a local charity, the National Forest, since 2012. Our primary focus has been work on Poppy Woods and funding the ‘free tree scheme.’ This has resulted in AF International actively supporting a planting density of new saplings over 3.8 hectares.

  • Supporting nature

    AF cares about the environment; did you know about the changes to our external site area? We have planted a range of bee and butterfly friendly plants to encourage wildlife.

    We have introduced bird feeders, nesting boxes, bat hibernation boxes and even hedgehog homes to our external site environment.

    AF has taken the initiative to introduce a litter collection scheme and actively works to clean up the area surrounding our site.

    Supporting nature

How we are reducing our carbon footprint

  • Did you know that 100% of our cloths can be washed and reused

    This is unbelievable but true! LED lighting and production efficiency planning has saved us over 5% on our electricity bills in the last 12 months alone!

  • we saved over 40,000 dispensing pumps as customers

    The future is already here! 63% (and rising) of our company cars are pure electric or hybrid and we have 4 charging Pods at our Ashby Park Site.

  • Our cardboard box suppliers purchase from FSC certificated

    AF funds renewable sources of energy via our business tariff.